Kristin Moore-Gantz


Lovely to meet.

I am a creative director experienced in film, print, digital and new media campaign creation for  lifestyle, luxury, beauty, and wellness brands.

My specialized expertise is designing the big picture, concept-ting with the team, competitive positioning with a knack for understanding audiences, expanding brands and successfully winning pitches. Aside from my category background, what makes me my clients’ secret weapon is a mix of business instincts, and an ability to find the new. I will always inspire and bring out the best in my teams, collaborators and the brand communities we serve.

My creative path.

Cabaret. If someone were to ask me the exact moment I decided art would be my trade. I was backstage, pretty young, and I discovered the shattered glass was sugar, and the Kit Kat Klub set was pitched dramatically in a visual cheat to the audience. The set broke in half rolling left and right on tracks with tables chairs and lit candle lanterns. I don’t know how the actors held on, all in the name of art and magic. Very matter of fact for my dad, a production designer in theatre and film, but for me it was indelible. Powerful proof of creative that made those of us out front ‘feel’. I was hooked. Much of the look tone and emotion I strive for in my work today I know is still influenced by the peeks into the artistic teamwork and smarts behind these visual worlds and exotic film locations.
what folks say about  me.

"From nothing Kristin can create a masterpiece. She builds brands through her innovative creative
solutions - beyond the traditional channels and thinking."

Lauren Dicksen - Sr. Acct. Dir. Atelier Leo Burnett NY / Red Pepper Nashville

“Kristin brings fresh perspective,
deep experience and enthusiasm to any project. She rallies a team well, advising and guiding them to great successes.”

J. Franzen - G.M. / Spring Studios

“Kristin’s ability to interpret a consumer insight into
a visually compelling brand image is remarkable. You can literally watch as she brings a strategy to life.”

Alexandra Press - Digital Strategist / Awesomeness TV

  • Sothebys
  • L’Oreal
  • Coty
  • Maybelline
  • P&G
  • Cie Trade

  • Herbal Essences
  • essie
  • indie brands
  • Murad
  • Tom Ford cosmetics

  • Leo Burnett - atelier
  • Barbarian Group
  • Awesomeness TV
  • Strivectin (inhouse)
  • Beauty @ Gotham
  • Tag

  • FCB health
  • McCann Worldgroup
  • Publicis
  • Spring Studios
  • Industrial Color Studios